Piaggio typhoon scooter

kishan, have you even realised this is a forum called londonBIKERS? not the right place to diss them i suppose…:doze:

lol there is a scooter section too its not just for bikes. not a diss against bikers just the ones who dont think about their actions on the road.

Well thats up to the people who ride their bikes, Dad. If I wanted a lesson in the devil, rights and wrongs, etc I’d go to church not LB. At the end of the day speed limits were made when vehicles took miles to stop. A bike can probably stop in half the distance than most cars in those days. The speeds limits are most probably there for pedestrians judging by the ads on TV and that leads me onto my next question. What are they doing on the road? Road is for cars and pavement is for pedestrians. Just some useful info I picked up in primary school.

just want to say 2 things for the a2 u want a bike that top speed isent only 10mph over the speed limit not cos you will be braking it but because you need some power to get out of truble.

i went on the a2 on my 50cc was doing 55mph siting with all the cars but had no power at all to do anything i could not move out of the inside lane i could not pull away at all as it was topped out and all scooters to be fair are basically the same.

i had ago on a new shape typh today my friend from college has one and the first thing that poped into my mind was heavy and so so underpowered. you would be 100 times better off with something with gears so u can put it in 5th or 6th and just cruse and if need be drop it a gear or 2 and pull away even at 50-60mph but saying that you would be better off with the typh then a ybr or cg they are both pritty pants in my opinion seem unstable at the best of times.

so you’re welcome to come here but you’re not welcome to teach people how to ride, thank you.

Morning, that makes sense what you are saying about speed and having some more power. but to be fair the times I get on the A2 there is so much traffic, that cars are crawling and the bikes and scooters are just going through prob about 30-40mph. so I don’t think power will be to much of an issue.

either way it will cut my journey time down in half… things were so much easy when i lived 10 mins away from work lol.