Piaggio typhoon scooter

Hey all, just a quick one, any of you know if the new shape Piaggio typhoon’s are any good.

they’re great if you want to carry a pizza round London…
Get used to hearing the following statement…

“You’re more than 30 minutes with that, I’m not paying!”

really are they that bad? I thought they were ok to get about on. Its not for the speed or any thing like that, just to get to work and back…

I used to have the 1st model, I was 15 and had it for 8 years, great scooter, it took me everywhere and in any conditions…

don’t know about new models though…

I actually used it also for delivering pizzas ahahah…

if it makes any difference its the 125 not the 50cc lol.

it just looked small and nippy to me. and through the design was ok as well. The other option was a gillera runner, but not found any at a good price and don’t fancy paying the price that they are going for new.

you should definitely buy it and get the RC8 body kit

loool. Thats pathetic. ^^^^^^

my mate has the new one and to be honest its basically a vespa.

and for the price of a brand new one u can get something so much better in the second hand market.

if you liked the first one then get another one there all right (2 stroke one ofc XD).

or you could get a cbf 125 great lil bikes there geared so u can go onto take your full licence and basically the same price



well i opted for this because of the finance deal they have going on at the moment, just dont have the money right now to buy a used one out and for the cost of finance on other scooters this just seemed the cheapest (that I have seen) in running and insurance.

i did have my heart set on a r125 but if i dont have the cash for a scooter no way ill have it for one of them. I will prob do my full bike test next year right now its all about cost…

i have the 2011 model top speed is 60/65mph specs are below dont know the specs of the older typhoon.

Power: 9.65 HP (7.1 kW) @ 8500 rpm…Torque: 8.2 Nm (0.84 kg-m) @ 7500 rpm…Engine type: 1 cylinders, 4-stroke…Single Cooling system: Air cooled…Max speed: 60/65mph

Not being funny but people don’t buy scooters for top speeds. Thats why sports bikes exist.

yeah like you can use the full bhp and top end of a sports bike on motorways and other public road :crazy: anyways back to topic the new typhoon is worth looking into has a comfee ride with a decent level of torque to pull away and the headlight is fairly bright compared to some scooters. so pop into a piaggio dealer and do a deal with them :slight_smile:

If/when you get a bigger bike and ride with some on here who have 600-1000cc bikes you will soon learn they do use their bikes to their full potential on a daily basis and leave you for dust. There is a regular A13 user who has a 1000cc and I am probably a little speck in his/her mirror :blush:. If he/she chooses to comment thats up to him/her but I’m not naming any names.

well right now its not about the speed, as long as it can hold up a decent speed on the A2 and get me to work cheaper and quicker than my car im happy.

the speed can come later when I pass my test.

@.com - I recommend you get yourself a 0% interest credit card and spend your money on a Honda CG, Yamaha YBR or something similar. The bike you should be looking to buy should be:
Something with gearsSomething with a good turning circleSomething learner friendly
The idea behind this is that you will be able to pick up some of the required skills. Also, if you wish to do your test on a 125cc the Honda CG and Yamaha YBR are bikes that are highly recommended for the test. I used a YBR for the test and can’t complain. These bikes are smooth and agile. The idea is if you get one of these it will increase the chances of you passing your bike test tenfold.

Edit: Oh yeah. Forgot to mention that when you eventually do your test it will save you between £30-50 per day of training with the riding school and you will only need to pay for the test booking as you will not need to hire a bike.

I thought the bike test was done on a bigger cc bike, so they are done on 125’s then?

I see what your saying, I did think of that option no chance of me getting a 0% credit card. I either have to save which will be way to long for the required cash or finance from dealer which I only want to get 0% interest on.

it don’t matter any ways, as much as I would like to get a geared bike now is not the time for a geared bike for a few reasons which i wont go into.

but thanks for advice there…

It is possible to do your test on a 125cc bike. The only downside is that you will be restricted for a couple of years. You can still ride any bike just with a power restrictor in it. If your under 21 like me you don’t really have a choice. But if your over 21 you can do a DAS. Depends on your finances really as a DAS is more expensive.

well no offence anyone bein irrisponsible on the roads get what they deserve one day and learn the hard way about using the public road like a its a race track, if you wanna use the full bhp of a vehicle car or bike take it on a track thats why mankind created trackdays and keep it off the roads. and on ride outs you dont have to go so fast you are braking so many laws if there is a speed limit stick to it i like my licence so i dont see the point in risking getting points and losing my licence because i fancied being a speed devil for a few milli seconds.

MAte they’re probably fine… I’m just takin the p1$$…
If you’re lookin for a scoot, you might wanna look at this …