Piaggio Owners Club forum

i run POC (Piaggio Owners Club) which originally started out for Piaggio owners only but then i thought i would welcome other manufactures who work under piaggio roof to join the owners club forum too so i have now welcomed gilera and aprilia owners to join up to POC too.

If anyone owns a piaggio , gilera or aprilia you are welcome to be part of the owners club, come visit www.piaggioownersclub.tk or http://piaggioownersclub.freeforums.org/

Ow fine I have a speed fight 50 so I cant join fpt discrimination.

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nope sorry only for piaggio,gilera and aprilia as they are all manufactured by piaggio and are made under piaggio factory so its a piaggio owners club only.

Just like you wouldnt join a honda owners club with a yamaha and etc.

I dont have a bike anymore… Can I still join?

I have a far superior Honda c90. can I join?

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While on holiday, I once rented a piaggio, can I join?

:rolleyes: the answer is in the title piaggio,gilera and aprilia owners only (current owners ) not ex owners that should answer all your questions.

Anyways any genuine owners (piaggio,gilera or aprila) are welcome to POC forum :slight_smile:

What about now???

thats not very welcoming…
we let you be part of a bike forum, but you ride a scooter…

maybe you should start and londonscooterers.com :rolleyes:

it has potential…

I can scoot around on my bike. can I join? Are you going to do meetups? how about somewhere near Watford? I hear its lovely :slight_smile:

its called a owners club for a reason so i dont know why people are bitching for no reasons like little girls.

i might do meet up in future depending how busy it gets on there.

What happens if I own one and then sell it, but not buy a new one. Do I have to leave the forum?

I suggest a regime of spot checks to weed out the fakerz.

haha you are all so funny … NOT ! no wonder people have turned their backs to this forum

We’re saving up Kish, can we join now or do we have to wait til we get one? It’s for our retirement, when Watford will seem like a day out :slight_smile:

its just a little light hearted banter Kish. now go wash your vagina :laugh:

Oops, very sorry. From the other thread looks like he’s got upset and left. :blush:

omfg… :laugh::hehe::laugh:

That comment though…

Im still slightly confused…

Ive proved to you I ride a scooter.

Is that not enough? :frowning:

You lot have really gone and done it now…time for some Kishan man love :kiss: