Piaggio MP3 500 LT sport. Congestion charge/Ringogo parking

Right… I am one of those who bought the massive MP3 500 and take all your parkings space …

In reality, I can’t park it in solo motorcycle spots because ringogo app classified as car… but i see some parked in there. So question is where do I park it?

Second question: seems like Congestion charge is a must, because is slightly over 2m long.

However , I see way longer and heavier bike being riden in central london, and possibly with worse emissions…

The Mp3 300, however , does not have these issues. Simply because 15cm shorter and 20 kg lighter. ( weight is not an issue for DVLA though)

Sounds like there is a bug in the Dvla /TFL system and I do not understand why such similar vehicles (piaggio mp3 300 and 500 models ) needs to be treated so differently.

Can somebody help?
Any LT500 owner in here who doesnt pay CC and can actually park in central london?

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i dont know the specifics, but some of the MP3s were sold with a slightly wider front wheel base so that they are classed as cars, and can be driven on car licences.

I’d imagine if you have one of these, then legally its a car, and has to drive and park like a car. I dont know how to tell what you have, or of if it is possible to change though

Thanks Boris. Wheel base has nothing to do with it . The problem seems to be the lenght. As it is 2.25m and it should be under 2m

But there is bikes thatbare longer than that which is ridiculous.
The mp3 300 is same width as the 500 but 1.98m, this still appears to be chargable for C charge but i still see so many around which makes me think is exempt somehow.

Tfl also declares there is not MP3 of any kind discounted 100% , but this isnt true.

The harley davidson Sportster is 2.27m and yet classified as motorcycle hence exempt…

What is this rule about !?

A quick google suggests that tfl dont use the car definition Bors described. More than 1m wide or 2m long for a motor tricycle and it is not exempt from congestion charge. You can check your numberplate here Check your Vehicle but not sure what you can do if its not compliant.
I guess there is no harm applying for an exemption and crossing your fingers Discounts and exemptions - Transport for London

Motorbike parking in London is a bit confusing and rules vary by borough, i wouldnt like to second guess the traffic wardens interpretation of rules but as a starting point you could try registering your bike on ringo and see if it will allow you to book a westminster bike bay space with your bike

If its not allowed then i’d guess it applies to all bike bays and its just a case of whether the wardens bother checking.

Oh yes it has, I did read somewhere about vehicle length but can’t remember where or what but the question here is whether or not a three wheeled vehicle is a SOLO motorcycle and that is down to the tracking (wheel base) and when two wheels are considered to be one, which is when they are ‘twinned’.

Vehicle Type Approval considers wheels to be twinned when two wheels mounted on the same axle have 460 mm or less between the centres of the tyres, therefore…

less than 460 mm between the centres of the tyres will be a solo motorcycle, regardless of length.
more than 460 mm between the centres of the tyres will not be a solo motorcycle.

I’m not sure but there may be a clue in the Registration Document, what does it say in the V5 Sections D.5 Body type
(X) Taxation Class
D.4 Wheelpan


The length is irrelevant until you have determined what rules apply. You appear to be struggling with this because your vehicle has handlebars making you think it is a motorbike. It isn’t.

Something is a motorbike if it clearly only has two wheels. Narrow track trikes have their fronts twinned so are also considered motorbikes. As a motorbike, lots of charges don’t apply (congestion, dart) and they can use motorbike parking.

Wider track vehicles are powered three wheelers which is the same as saying they are not motorbikes. No motorbike privileges apply to them. As powered three wheelers they must meet strict dimension limits for congestion charge exemptions which most don’t. They cannot officially use motorcycle parking despite some having much smaller dimensions than some motorbikes (looking at you mr full pannier GS wanker and the Nikkens out there).

It’s probably a showroom issue as the salesman tells you about car licence etc but fails to mention the impracticality of not getting the perks of being a motorcycle.

Also, stay out of bus lanes. If TfL’s anpr camera asks the dvla for your v5 details and it comes back as a powered three wheeler (not a motorbike), then its a penalty charge time.

Your parking option is the same as a massive Range Rover, car licence, car bays, car rates.

Get on a direct access course, get a full licence, get a triumph rocket (2500cc, more than two meters long) and ride in red route bus lanes, park in motorcycle bays and pay no congestion charge.


One simple solution would be to buy a motorbike.

Welcome to LB


You’ve come on a motorbike forum asking why you are not allowed park your car in a motorbike bay.

The answer is: buy a motorbike.

Honestly, you won’t regret it.