Photosynth demo

didnt know if this should go in the photo or tech section

The second part is more amazing than the first (where he just zooms)

Using photos of oft-snapped subjects (like Notre Dame) scraped from around the Web, Photosynth (based on Seadragon technology) creates breathtaking multidimensional spaces with zoom and navigation features that outstrip all expectation.

Its architect, Blaise Aguera y Arcas, shows it off in this standing-ovation demo. Curious about that speck in corner? Dive into a freefall and watch as the speck becomes a gargoyle. With an unpleasant grimace. And an ant-sized chip in its lower left molar.

“Perhaps the most amazing demo I’ve seen this year,” wrote Ethan Zuckerman, after TED2007. Indeed, Photosynth might utterly transform the way we manipulate and experience digital images.

Thats fantastic! Love the fact that you are only restricted by the pixals on your screen! Not restricted but layout space or any such like.

As for linking all images on the web together thats incredible!! I have often wondered what would happen to the millions (maybe billions?) of what appear to be pointless snaps taken all over the world every day. Will now it’s all fitting together!!!