photoshoppers help please

Can someone please put a white background on these pics please cos i’m rubbish at these things

Never upload photos online asking for photoshop help… Or this thread could end up like the ‘Do I have potential’ guy… :smiley: Thread is dead but video shows all variants


We did this to a photo of a black bear in a soot filled bedroom.:slight_smile:

I’m suddenly not good enough then?


Could you not just find a snowy field. OK see the problem it`s a non runner.:smiley:

haha i’ve not even started the thing in 4months its probably got more rust than the plop:D

feel free bud and when your back in the uk i’ll teach you to wheelie:kiss:

The only way I know how to do what you want to do would involve hours, even days of work for me. You put the photo in any art program and just white out the background with a brush. It gets more time consuming when you get closer to the bike. But you enlarge the area and make the white brush smaller. If you trace over the bike, click edit/undo, and try again.

an easier way is to use this “magic selection” tool thingy in PS, use it on the bike as much as possible, for the rest use the free lasso cut tool. Helps if you can switch your mouse speed down on the edges and have a steady hand.

once all selected, cut out and paste on a white background.

that’s the method Joby used above, but i think he needs more practice…

Haven’t got the time or effort (mostly effort) to do both, it’s late!

Try and upload a higher res image if you can in the future, makes it all easier and sharper.

ps, i left the sidestand on. Incase it bugs you I’ll keep the file on me computer for a few days and I can get rid of that in about 30 seconds if needs be.

solution: take photo of your bike in front of a white sheet

But that would involve ASBO doing something for himself!

Not normally one to point out stupidity but were talking about MAD-DOG not ASBO :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with me-groovy on this - you need to get a blank (or as close to blank) background you can get then the select tools on Photoshop will be able to define the bike against the background more easily, you’ll also be able to play with the layers so that the dark shape of the bike comes through. Until that point if you’re using the above photo then it is the time consuming job of erasing the background with a brush.

mmmmm…i would have thought PS could have come up with something better by now…i’ve last used it few years ago, you still have to select something bit by bit?

Or you could draw round it using the Pen Tool, then apply a Vector Mask which takes the background away completely. Then you could place it on any background you wanted to …

Use the pen tool to draw around the bike, select the path and create a mask from it. Would do it but too busy at work.