Photoshop Disasters Blog

I picked out some of the funniest - you can see the rest on here:

It looks as though you’re localizing some marketing images.

Would you like to:

Use the original American images?
Hire a local photographer?
Clumsily get rid of the black guy?

I understood Davina McCall to be a British micro-celebrity of the C-list variety. Imagine my surprise when I found that she is too important to actually pose for ads and instead has her head pasted atop abstract collages of body parts. Well done Davina!

Nobody will notice? WE ARE THAT NOBODY!

I am totally confident that this comp will be perfect! We never make mitsakes!

Jennifer Lopez Child Arm Head Transplant Mix Up Exclusive Pics!

Cthulhu homeschool girlfriend giraffe!

Oh, you wanted her to wear the sunglasses? Really? Eww. What? I have to? Ha ha. Really? Really? Well I think that- Yes, of course. We could just Photoshop them in. No, it will look great. I can have it back to you by end of today. Great! Hello?


Ah, I zee you 'ave zer sexy lingerie! It is, ow you say, tres OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR LEGS‽

BBC Top Gear Episode 19056 Part 3:
Jeremy Clarkson: I’m what our American viewers would term a bit of a douche. Let me rephrase that: I’m a very tall bit of a douche. A six foot five bit of a douche. So tall, in fact, that BMW had to build a special Mini the size of a tank for me.

Please fix giant hand and misshapen leg and weird chin and bizarre arms before putting this to bed, but don’t worry about doing new proofs because I trust you.

I think this is super sexy, but I am also attracted to propane tanks.

So yeah like we were like doing the Flash for Audi and the old bag who’s ADing this said get like a picture of some cool architecty house next to a winding country road and even though I spent over ten minutes looking for some stock I simply couldn’t find like nothing man, nothing, so I thought hey I can just comp some cool geezer’s house right in to any old pic, right? So I spent literally fifteen minutes comping it in and you know no one’s going to notice cos I don’t think you can really tell. That’s the beauty of Photoshop man. Can I have a bite of your sandwich?

What a great way to show that your city has no racial hangups or weird stuff going on!


Number Six in the Suzuki comes from in front to overtake the Yamaha and is clearly now behind and can only needs to stay in front to lose the race. Fantastic.

Evidently the New Look is similar to the I Have Polio Look.

Turns out your mom was right: if you shave your legs off they grow back even bigger.

Wow, Twilight has everything! Vampires, a giant and his midget girlfriend!

The poor Hearst family. First that whole Symbionese Liberation Army thing, now this in Esquire.

:laugh: very good.

Of course, we mustn’t forget the all-time classic…

:w00t: what were they thinking… :hehe:

Pure Stalinist type re-writing of history. :smiley:

Ha ha. Excellent thread. I’ve been responsible for one at the absolute insistence of the client – they insisted I Photoshop a child’s head even though the new shot had been lit differently therefore colouration and shadows completely wrong.

I still lose sleep over that one – but it apparently saved the PHotographer a heap of embarrassment!

i made soem **** ups when i was in repro, i once placed a low-res image in ELLE magagzine…and it went to print…doh! got a bollocking for that…but it was account exec’s fault!! :smiley:

it failry easy to make a mistake in photoshop and not notice, specially when using layers…check your proofs!!:w00t:

The Microsoft one’s not original, I recall Ford UK getting pulled up back in the 90s for an ad where they also edited out the only black face in a team photo & replaced it with a white one.