Photographic printing services.

I’m looking for some help/advice, my cousin has a photographic exhibition in a small Greenwich gallery just before Christmas, the subject is ‘Shop Front Churches’ and as part of this she has the need to get 14-15 prints done onto MDF. She needs two different sizes 100cm X 100cm and 70cm X 40cm and she needs to do this as cheaply as possible.

Does anyone have any experience of this type of work, used a company in the past who produced good quality prints at a reasonable cost, or works for a company that do this type of work and who may be interested in sponsoring her exhibition for a discount?

I know we have a few pro and amateur photographers on here, plus lots of people from print backgrounds so just wondered if anyone could help or offer some advice on alternatives?

The one thing she doesn’t want is to use foam board as that’s what students always use and this needs to look as professional as possible.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can give. :slight_smile:

David Spaul of ‘Clicks-DS’ 020 7278 2300

Tell them Alex from AMS sent you.
They can print on practically anything, but he’ll go through it with you.

All the best

ps. they’re based in central London, and work pretty much around the clock.

or you can try these guys also…

My guys are called Cannell Graphics

Call Mark Dunn: 07738 184 326
Or email him: [email protected]

I highly recommend these guys :slight_smile:

To print on MDF you will need a flatbed Screen/inkjet press. Not overly common, but they are out there. (look for screen printers in a directory)

Is the MDF to be painted??? i.e black?
If so why not print the images onto self adhesive film and have if stuck to the front?

One of the most professional looking applications Ive seen is to print onto reverse self adhesive film with the addition of a white layer and stick to clear acrylic then reverse mount the acrylic to the MDF with smart looking bolts.

see examples

cool as feckkk huh :wink: I especially like the last one

I believe the idea is to print the images onto regular photo paper and then spray glue them onto the MDF, so it’s not exactly printed directly to the MDF. I did suggest doing the glueing part herself but I guess like anything if you’re not an expert and you balls it up it’ll either be ruined or look pretty cack!

I’m guessing the MDF is a better way to display the large prints, better then the foam board, but not so flash that’s it’s horrendously expensive, she’s on a pretty tight budget.

The acrylic prints do look very cool though!

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I’ll pass on the details and get on to those people you’ve recommended to see what they can do. :slight_smile:

spray mount sucks it will leach the ink your best bet would be to get the prints done then send to a print finisher to mount them on the mdf the plastic art co. battersea