***Photocard Driving License information***


when they were first issued it was for ten years, its the photo itself that needs to be renewed

Well I’m fine til 2015 :slight_smile:

You’ll get a reminder…they have to, they never advertised it properly when they first added the expiry dates.

AHA!! I’ve just read the column and it says what I’ve just said above! :smiley:

You wont get the reminder if you’ve not bothered to update your address though :wink: Which within itself is an offence…

This is why I’ve kept my old fashioned paper licence, it’s valid until 2032:cool:

whats a driving licence ? :smiley:

can I still keep using this parchment stuff as its lighter than the stone tablets :slight_smile:

haven’t got one…


Stay with the shabby bit of paper, it’s valid till your 70 and you don’t have to pay a bunch of pretend socialist any dosh.

(It also completely confuses foreign police officers, which can be a good thing.)

I wanted to keep my paper licence, but then I passed my bike test, and had to get a new one:)


Mine expires 2/10/2040.

Thanks really useful post. I had no idea photocard expired before the licence. Checked and mine is good to 2010 so no problems but will diarise it to make sure I do not forget.


Should have just told them you lost it but luckily had a photocopy from your last holiday or some such cwap. That way you could have had both.

Wish I could, had to send it back with all the paperwork for the new one, at least it got rid of the old points that was on it:)

Good thread. I checked mine, and I should be getting a reminder in the summer.


Flippin cheek! Just checked the DVLA website, and to renew the photocard part of the licence will cost me £17.50 plus the cost of the photo…

If somebody’s complaining about stealth taxes (Westminster Council…) this is not far off!

I’m afraid you’d never get away with that one. All licences have an issue number on them which shows up on PNC (Police National Computer). Most of the later paper ones had it and the new ones do. If you have the new photo licences the issue number appears on the photo card and counterpart and have to match or you’ll need to get a new one. Plus, the issue number on the licence you hold needs to match the one on the system…all previous issues then become void and if you produce one with the wrong issue number to the police you could get into a bit of trouble.
Sorry to put a dampener on ya idea m8! :smiley:

The £17.50 ‘admin’ fee is daylight robbery in my opinion. A fiver is more than enough when you’re being forced to update the licence at their request.