Phone mounts


Does anyone have experience with phone mounts that connect to the yoke for a sportsbike? Hoping to fit a Samsung Galaxy S9, have a power source and some sort of weather proofing but if anyone has found a good brand I can find whatever fits the phone.


these are good, really hold your phone snug, stop it moving about


I use a knock off of the ram X Mount that has a built in USB charger, with a ball mounted in the steering stem.


I find my pockets work a treat for holding my phone and keeping it dry


I invested in the Quadlock system. Not only is it very stable on the bike, but the car mount is excellent too.


Quadlock is excellent, if your phone is waterproof. if not the ultimate add-ons make some great cases for specific phones. I still use my samsung s3 and s5 in their cases.


I use a givi case & a wireless charger they both fit into the case snuggly & it works a treat & is hard to snap off the bike should a scrote decide he likes my Phone
i get around 3 full charges out of the powerbank



Not really a fan of mounting a phone on thehandlebars myself, but if I was going to do it, that looks like the best solution.


i changed the mount to a ram mount


Thanks lads, I’ve blown my wadge and bought a set from ultumateaddons which looks robust enough to keep my phone attached to the bike come hell, high water or Haringey youths.


They come with a waterproof cover now too.