see this in superbike or fast bike magazine, looks amazing, been looking for an excuse to buy xbox360, any1 played it??

It looks like a right laugh, a nice amount of arcade fantasy thrown in :slight_smile:

Eurogamer have a load of videos:

Makes me wish I had an Xbox360 as well!

PGR4 is a good game IMO. However I’m a PGR fan since the original so my views could be a bit biased! :wink: The bikes are fun but just remember that it is an arcade style game and that they will not handle how you expect them to. Once you’ve learnt how they handle then you’ll be pulling wheelies, stoppies and drifting them everywhere! These things are so easy to score Kudos on it’s unbelievable! :wink:

Would I buy a 360 just for PGR4? No. But if you do buy one then look for games like Bioshock, Rainbow Six, etc… in the second hand section as they are cracking games (Bioshock especially) and they will help to justify the expense of buying the box.

If you have any questions about PGR4 or the 360 then ask away!