Weaver asked me to post this up for your information:


Just a reminder guys that the intention is to go from the Silver Ball to Southend without stops so please make sure you have enough petrol to get you there.

Info re garages:

Apart from Tesco, there is another garage on the A10 just before the Tesco pull off.

There are two other BP garages between Cheshunt and The Silver Ball. The last one before the cafe is on the roundabout where the A507 goes off to Baldock. Garage is one the right hand side of the roundabout so you need to go all the way round to get to it.


There will be some Memorial Ride 2007 t-shirts available to buy at the extremely reasonable price of £5 each - any colour you like as long as it’s WHITE and mostly sizes large and XL (sorry I just assume everyone is as big as me - but at least you can wear them over your leathers until you shrink them ) Please buy them because there is no way I can carry them to Southend!!!"

Make sure you buy them won’t you - or she’ll blame me!