Petrol Station on fire on the A3?

Hmm coming back to epsom after BM, there was a huge plume of smoke coming from the Texaco Garage on the A3 ( just past the turning to the A306, next to the big coop)… Saw lights that looked like fire brigade but couldn’t see past the smoke to see what was in there…

Be aware just in case you have to come that way if they have to close road off…

No sign of anything going on there according to the news sites, twitter or the TFL traffic camera that is on that section of the A3.

weird… cause that smoke was extremely thick. but come to think of it I don’t remember seeing any flames?

Putney Vale cemetery is just behind it - perhaps someone overdid it in the crematorium?

ha ha ha what the hell did they put in the oven :laugh:

well I went by there this morning everything seemed normal… mystery