Personal Injury Claim help

Hi Guys,

Really hope you can help me with some advice. My husband was in an accident last weekend - not at fault with witnesses. He has suffered significant internal injuries as well as the usual external aches and pains.

We are insure how to proceed with the claim for the injuries and loss of earnings etc.

If anybody has been in this position, did you just leave it to the insurance company to sort out or use a private solicitor?

I just want the best outcome for him.

Thank you

Read my response to a member who was rear ended.

It should answer many of your questions, without the need to retype or repost, but feel free to come back and ask anything you feel I have not covered

The bottom line is start getting help now. If you want a recommendation I can put you in touch with someone I have worked with for many years and has helped many fellow members of London Bikers

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