penalty charge

I got ticket today 32D ,failing to drive in the direction shown by the arrow on blue sign( proceeding in the wrong direction)
I was riding to work and l’ve runout of petrol.I pushed my bike all the way up the hill.I got to top of the hill to the junction l put my tired a…s on bike and l turn left to get to petrol station.I wasn’t riding,engine was off! Can l challenge this blood drinking bastards. I got the letter with the picture of me sitting on the bike. CCTV would show that I’m pushing my bike all the way.
Any chance l can avoid paying the fine?

i’d challenge it, write to them & explain what happened like you told us, just leave out the blood sucking bastards bit :slight_smile:

Definitely write them.
I got caught out driving a little way in a bus-lane by Lambeth and they were sympathetic enough to cancel the PCN.

Not like the a$$holes in Westminster who fined me for accidentally riding in a bus-lane at 3am where CCTV showed there was absolutely no other traffic in sight!

From the picture you are busted, however if you have a petrol receipt from the garage and write an apologetic letter it can’t do any harm.

As the law stands if you are sitting astride a motor bike and are peddling along, you are deemed to be riding even if there is no petrol in it.

Post it up here: and see what they have to say. They’ve helped me a lot with challenging PCNs. You can even scan a copy of the notice and post it up (make sure you edit out anything that might identify you) and they’ll tell you if it’s even worded correctly :slight_smile: