Peeling stickers

Went to see a nice looking R6 on the weekend then spotted a large amount of grease/dirt underneath the front sprocket area, (around the breather tubes) and also noticed the yamaha sticker on the bottom of the fairing was peeling off, the 2nd ‘y’ was virtually off!

The owner said it the peeling sticker was due to stones hitting the deal, and the excess grease was due to lubricating the chain.

I know Im asking alot to help find the cause but does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

Apart from the above it did seem like a tidy bike

Stones hitting the stickers caused them come off? Sounds like a load of old blarny mate.

They’ll be peeling off because they’re cheap or have had large quantities of summat which would dissolve the glue - like paraffin perhaps (used to degrease bikes by some). Replacement stickers are generally easy to come by.

Everyone’s front sprocket is caked in goo unless they don’t ride much, have an exposed front sprocket (and are embarrassed by it) or are simply anal about it. Paraffin or some other degreaser will sort it no problems.

pressure washers can cause decals to peel off too…

If the Yamaha you’re looking at buying has 2 “y”'s in it, I’d walk away mate, it’ll be a Chinese copy.

lol, dont why i said ‘2nd y’ iI just mean the letter ‘y’ !
thanks for the help guys, i’ll have a think about what to do