Pedestrian killed in collision with motorbike

Police are appealing for witnesses and information after a pedestrian was killed in traffic collision with a motorcycle in Tower Hamlets.

At approximately 5:30pm on 22 August a Yamaha YZF collided with a pedestrian along West India Dock Road, E14.

The 54-year-old pedestrian suffered serious injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Nasty. How’s the biker?

im not surprised. the people that inhabit that area are loons. the amount of times ive been riding into/out of work and someone just strides out into the road. even worse are the kids on their way to school in the morning.

i’m shocked to read that the two responses to this post are how the biker is doing and that it might possibly be the pedestrian’s fault. Don’t get me wrong i am concerned about the rider’s wellbeing, but…

if you didnt read the pedestrian had serious injuries and died on scene. how fast do you think the biker was going to kill someone? or not being able to swerve to avoid someone?

If it had been a car driver that had hit the pedestrian would you have asked if the driver was fine, or would you have shouted and raised your pitch forks?

I understand pedestrians walk out on to roads all the time and we all have to keep an extra eye out but that’s part of london riding for ya.

just because this is a biker’s community we shouldn’t adopt a mob mentally.

Thoughts go out to the pedestrian and their family.

I used to commute in central London during rush hour and it “challenging” had a few moments.

But have to agree, how fast was the biker going to cause that kind of injury? or was it just an unlucky fall?

Thoughts go out to pedestrians family on this one for sure

Of course it’s terrible for the pedestrian’s family, but how the biker is was the only bit of info missing from the original post, and naturally as a biker that’s something that concerns me also.I make no judgements but I commute through the City every day and know just how many step into the road without looking, it happens all the time. And it’s a bit of a non-biker knee-jerk reaction to ask how fast he must have been going to kill someone and automatically imply by that that it’s his fault. I’ve had that at first hand when I witnessed an accident involving a car and a cyclist, stopped to help and give statements to the first coppers on scene etc. and when traffic plod arrived the first thing the Sergeant said when he strolled over was “biker’s fault then, was it?” 15mph would be enough to knock someone down, and if his head hit the kerb that could be enough.

just to let you know the biker hit the pedestrian while he was using a crossing !!!

and the impact was such that the pedestrians leg was ripped off !!!

the biker was quite badly injured and treated in hospital and later released, after sliding down the road his bike hitting two parked vehicles and causing severe damage to both.

this post was firstly just in case anyone did see it and can shed some light on the incident and secondly , like rider down threads etc a cautionary note to all of us that sometimes it goes horribly wrong…and maybe its not always someone elses fault

There have been several cases of peds killed by bicycle riders in the past year, one was hit at low speed, just a glancing blow causing ped to fall back onto an old concrete lamp post and he was killed by a relatively light blow to his head.

Jesus, nasty.

My point exctly. Though in this case Bluestar’s second post does seem to confirm it was apparently the biker’s fault after all.

Terrible news. My thoughts go to the ped’s family and friends.

In this case the biker was at fault…but all to often people get knocked over because they step out into the road without looking. I nearly hit a few in my time and through no fault of my own but that would never have made me feel any better if I’d hit them. I’ve also had to swerve to avoid cyclists jumping red lights and going across my road. Thankfully I don’t have to commute through London anymore but when I’m in a built up area I stick to the limit and am wary of peds as much as other road users.

Poor guy never stood a chance - the only blessing is that his death was probably instant and he didn’t know anything about it. R.I.P.

Yep, I’ve stopped two near misses in the last few months, both of which were foreign tourists who were crossing because others were, not realising that the lights hadn’t gone green for pedestrians.

I stopped a Spanish guy from stepping off of the pavement in front of a ZX7R that would have certainly had to take avoiding action or would have run straight into him if I hadn’t put my arm across his chest as I stepped onto the pavement, I only noticed the bike as I thought it might have been someone I know. The chap was very grateful and to be fair to him he really didn’t realise that people in this country crossed the road when the light was red, in the rest of Europe pedestrians generally take more notice of the red/green man at crossings. I do it all of the time but that’s because being a car driver and biker I read the traffic to spot the gap, but I don’t take chances, although I’ve seen lots of people not paying attention.

Great shame about the pedestrian that was killed, hope the biker recovers OK but I suspect he’ll have a court case waiting for him when he does. :frowning:

unfortunatley not !!!

That is apalling. Condolences to pedestrians family. The biker is doing to have to live with a possible manslaughter charge. Bye Bye license.

I’ve bounced a pedestrian who ran across a busy road (well away from the crossing) and traffic coming both ways. Luckily for him I’d upgraded the FJ’s brakes with R1 calipers and I was only doing 10mph or so at the time. Hit him as front forks compressed deeply and I almost stoppied the 280kg bike. He got up and ran away.

RIP pedestrian and lets hope the biker is alright.

I guess the investigation will get to the bottom of the reason behind the collision.

Bloody hell this idiot was going fast enough to rip off a guy’s leg and kill him, on a crossing as well, and in the process giving anti-bikers excuse to legislate against us and curtail our rights and freedoms.

Are you sure about that, Chenster? I do not share your sentiments at all!

each to their own.

and yes i am sure about that.

let’s hope you never ride too fast and cause an accident.

don’t expect any sympathy or well wishes if ,god forbid, you do

If I rode like that and killed someone, then sympathy and well wishes for me would be the last thing on my mind, and I wouldn’t expect or wish to receive it. God forbid if this did happen, my thoughts would entirely be on the victim, their family, and regretting the day I ever sat on a motorcycle as I would have demonstrated so clearly that I was incapable of using it safely and responsibly, and I would never get on one again.