Pedboi Lunatic

Had a quiet ride to work this morning, very heavy mist, low visibility. Pootling along past Greenwich Maritime Museum and University when a VXR Gilera 125 howls past me on the left in the bus lane, crosses over to the right hand side of the lane I am in and ends up climbing the pavement to cut past the traffic. No slowing down, no checking for pedestrians and no lights on! Could well be a stolen bike, but if I see him again, I’ll kick his/her teeth in. Bloody lunatic endangering other road and pavement users! :angry::crazy::angry::crazy::angry::crazy::angry::crazy::angry::crazy::angry::crazy::angry::crazy:

Gives everyone a bad name. Tw*tty little ferret…

Crow bar through the front wheel should slow his progress. Not that I would advocate should action, (unless the aforementioned crowbar was being used on a politician to get the message through).

Probably goes down the Ace on a Monday evening to show of to his mates.