PC help needed

Any clever peeps on here help me out, Ive purchased a new tower all well and good, my question is can I take the old hard drive from old system and slave it in the new one and will it cause probs as the o.s. on it is win 98, there is just a fair bit of info on it that I would like to transfer to the new one, or can I just link the 2 towers together and transfer that way ? any advice would be helpfull.

I haven’t used a PC/ dektop for a while now, but you should probably be fine hooking the old HD to one of the SCSI cables after ensuring it is set as a slave with the jumper pins.

the quickest solution is to plug it in slave mode if you can!!! The old hard drive can have a different connectors, and maybe you cannot plug into the new tower.


What are you doing this for? The old drive is probably pretty small by today’s standards, and slow. If you want more storage look at the Seagate FreeAgent deals at Maplin. Half a terrabyte of external storage that just plugs into your USB port for £75. Smaller and cheaper options are available. If there is something on this drive you really need, then get an external USB drive and transfer the data from the old system as you can move these external drives from machine ot machine with no trouble just by plugging and unplugging the USB cable

will chuck it in and see what happens, its not the storage space i want its info from it and cant justify buying an external drive just to get the info from it, thanks anyway

Hi Steve,

A few quick idea’s for you…

iPod - An iPod can be used for storing files on (not the shuffle) just create a folder via My Computer, transfer your stuff over and then onto your new PC.

CD/DVD - If you’ve got a burner in your old tower, just put the stuff onto a RW disc and continue until you have cleared all of the files etc.

Hope it helps!