Pc for sale

Well I’m making the move to Canada so my beloved PC is up for grabs.

It consists of:

CPU: I7 950 @ 3.07Ghz
GFX: Nvidia GTX480
Motherboard: Asus (model unknown, supports usb3 and all the most recent gadgets)
Zalman Z11 case with about 6 case fans and blue lights
PSU: 750w

All the parts are about a year old so they play all of the latest titles on full power, as well as supporting various 3D modelling programmes, which was its main purpose.

I’m looking to take around £450 for it.

I also have a 3 year old LG 32" TV for sale, looking to take £75 for it (no box)

I will consider reasonable offers on the PC, but I’m not in any real hurry to sell it, as if I’m going to lose too much on it I would rather put a bit more towards shipping it with the rest of my stuff.

Is the LG used as a monitor? What inputs does it have and what’s it’s max res? Thanks.

The LG is a TV, but I use it as a monitor.


Thats the model

i cant believe this! steves account has been hacked. this is not him posting!!
theres no way steve woukd be awake this early :smiley:

With all those fans is it noisy :w00t:

Also will you be wiping the HD.

I hadn’t slept by then Jaime XD

The fans are super quiet. I don’t ever notice them.

HD’s will be wiped clean, I already back up my porn :Whistling:

You’re married now, you can only use the storage in the [email protected] bank - you can’t have it actually stored any where!! :smiley:

There is an ocean between us right now, I don’t even have to delete my history!! a freedom I wish upon every man :cool: