PC Andrew Harper Thames Valley Police 'Ride of Respect

Hope it’s okay to post this here.

Ride of Respect in memory of PC Andrew Harper of Thames Valley Police, murdered on 15th of August while investigating a burglary, just four weeks after his wedding.

In the early stages of planning but this is the link to the Facebook page for those that might be interested:

Thank you.


Good post. I couldn’t believe or understand it when I saw it on the news. Where is the humanity?

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Hi Brandon thanks for posting this, I’m keen to attend and have joined the FB group. Has a date been set yet?

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You may not be aware that the Thames Valley Police Training centre at Sulhamstead is less than a mile away from the crime scene.

If you were to drop them a line via the website, and depending on numbers and what day of the week (although events are also held at weekends) they may open the cafeteria and lay on some refreshment for you given what the run is in aid of.

In the past when I was serving (post Hungerford) I would meet groups for the same reason (although Hungerford is much further away) and give them a tour of the workshops and show off some of the different vehicles we used just to make a day of it.

As I say, may be worth asking the question.

The crime scene is also Only 50 yards from the scene of the train crash in 2004 (which some of you may recall) where 7 people died and many more were injured when a car parked itself on the level crossing derailing the HST125 (which has now been replaced by a bridge) so the location to us locals and those of us that served has quite a significance.


Thanks guys. Organisers are in talks with TVP but the date for the ride is still yet to be decided. I will feed in your suggestion an=bout Sulhamstead, T.C, with thanks.

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I would love to be part of the ride out does anyone know of the possible date please

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Still awaiting confirmation of the date, Dave. The start point is going to be Abingdon Airfield though, just south west of Oxford. I’ll update here once I hear what date has been decided.

Thanks, I would like to attend depending on the date… Such a sad story :frowning:

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Latest update on the ride is that it will running from RAF Benson, SW of Oxford. However still no date.