PAYG road usage

Has been mentioned again to counter the loss in revenue when we all switch to EV

Yup, reducing emmissions is all well and good but when it affects the public purse, you can bet it will mean an extra levy.

The curious question is will this levy be applied to all, or only those who drive electric? Or will it be featured as another ‘incentive’ to go electric. And how do you monitor, particularly those with older / odder vehicles? Trackers?

Just drive in reverse

That’s just a backwards mentality


You know what will happen don’t you? They’ll form a committee on how to do this, spend millions on it, come up with a wild idea, outsource it to Capita/Servco/Other Tory Chum. It will cost billions to develop a black box tracking/monitoring system, that will ultimately fail.

Whereas all they need to do is enforce the mileage recording at MOT time and charge accordingly. But that wouldn’t be acceptable.


But that wouldn’t work for new cars/motorbikes. However I have no doubt the solution will be overengineered, not fit for purpose and highly prone to cheating and error. Just like the PM

The other curious question which will no doubt rile the anticycling brigade is: since this would be a road usage charge, who else can be charged? Cyclist? Horse rider? Tractor driver?

Anyway most of the above would probably not fully use up ‘free’ miles if they went with RAC dude’s suggestion.

In any case, for now plans to be seen. No point raising blood pressure this early

You’d do it in arrears for measuring mileage.

Ultimately what the government needs to do is close the tax loopholes, and employ more people in HMRC to investigate tax fraud, underpayment, VAT scams etc. The estimates to the lost revenue each year is between £30 and £100 billion a year.

Yer this one has been floating.

They really needs to be thought out thoroughly. I’ve moved, where I live now I absolutely have to use a/my car it really is not an option. Therefore am I going to get screwed because of a decision I made years ago…

Like when they changed the car tax method (which incidentally they’ve gone back too), I’d owned my car about 3 yrs already then almost over night the cost of VED went about about £100 a yr.

as long as I pay less than I do currently I don’t care! Motorbike tax came in for the end of the month - 90something quid! Paying over £800 a year in VED :see_no_evil:


[quote=“slow-ride, post:9, topic:111906”]
£800 a year in VED

lol £800, you driving one of these?

Lots of questions about how this would work but not unreasonable that motorists contribute based on how many miles they do. (As they do now through fuel taxes)

If they put in a levy for all vehicles lets hope they make them front facers. They need to get Chris Grayling onto it :innocent:

2 bikes, a 2004 saab 9-5 I think that’s £350ish, 1998 mercedes e class which is £270 or so

Nobody’s allowing a gov mileage tracker device on my bike/car. GERROFF MY LAAAND!

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ULEZ expanding in 2021…

Doesn’t need a tracker. Yearly MOT to get totals and then add default tax for the first 3 years for brand new cars of say 3k per year for bikes and 10k for cars.
If you do less there can be an option to get it checked if doing less also when sold before 3 years.
Then at the 3 year mark get a rebate/charged the difference if you don’t get it checked prior to that.

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When it comes to collecting tax, I can’t seem them going to trust your friendly MOT center to attest the right amount :slight_smile:

Using the MOT mileage readings or metering the mileage from the MOT test will never work, ask the gas and electricity companies! For those that have led a more sheltered life its not just the canabis farms that bypass the utlity meters. Some folk out there have winter and summer gas and electric meters, oh yes. Don’t go thinking the little security seals are any deterrent either because every electrician, plumber and heating engineer has, at some time or other, tampered with those and the meter readers whose job it is to check the seals just don’t.

Swapping over from a winter and summer speedometer won’t be too difficult.

Hold on a sec there. Yes there are crims out there but these folk probably don’t care about paying any tax but that applies to anything… No tax collection method will pickup all, as long as it picks up the law abiding majority, it’s usually ok.

The vast majority of people don’t have the nous or skills to get the mileage on their MOT faked. The small minority that probably do, I would argue will find other ways round anything, even current obligations.

Likewise the vast majority of drivers (car drivers) probably don’t have the skills to change the speedometer. Bikes is a different thing but again, I would argue most won’t go through the faff and risk. The ones that do are probably dodging the system already.

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Fair point

Dunno about using MOT mileage, definitely some big question marks and reliablity issues.

Wife’s old bike went for MOT in the summer, tester typed into the system the miles on the trip counter rather than odeometer! Look up CK06 ZBP on Apparently it’s done -42023 miles in 12 months. Would that earn us a nice PAYG road usage refund?!

Secondly, clocks are dead easy to swap on many bikes, especially older ones. When I binned my old Fazer on track, I had to source some replacement clocks. As it happened, I found a second hand set with similar miles on, just couple thousand difference. Eitherway, a 30 min swap. Bet may would be tempted to swap clocks at MOT time along with the noisy exhaust and dinky rear number plate…

Thirdly, as mentioned, there’s no MOT on new vehicles for 3 years. How are miles on new vehicles tracked? MOT’s are only annually there after, what happens when you flog a bike? Who pays the miles for before and after the sale? Or will miles since last MOT need to be factored into sale price if the new owner will need to pay for them after the next MOT? What if the vehicles is written off/scrapped/stolen/burned before the next MOT, do you still pay for the miles since last MOT and how would they be tracked?

What if your riding abroad, on track, off road? You don’t want to be paying for these miles to the UK gov.

I think the principle of charging PAYG miles seems fair, the more your drive on UK roads, the more you contribute tot he UK Gov. However, I’ve very scepticle of the logistics as to how this could be implemented. I just can’t see anything working well short of even more wide spread surveillance, be it cameras or enforced trackers.