Pay-as-you-go daily insurance?

Hi people,

do you know if there is any insurance company that lets you get insurance just for the days that you ride? I mean, if I just take the bike for the odd run, is there any company that I can call and they insure me just for that day for, say, 5 quid?


I know they were trialling this / it is available for cars but it involves having a GPS / transmitter system in the vehicle. Travel at certain times e.g. after 11PM is more expensive etc. Not sure if you can get it for bikes but I’m sure the insurance companies could do it and still make it worth their while. I’d love to have a second bike but theres no way I can justify paying insurance on two bikes. After all, you can only ride one at a time so technically it shouldnt be so much more expensive insuring the second.

Ebike do a pay as you go policy but I think it is by month, not day - worth checking though.

I have just now watched an advert on the Telly box for Tempcover who do insurance for cars and vans from 1 to 28 days.

might be worth a call to see if tehy do bikes as well or know someone who does