Paul Potts....

on Britain’s Got Talent…

Are you KIDDING me?! This made my hair stand on end…sent shivers down my spine. This guy has a one in a million gift…and I TRULY hope that he is given the opportunity to develop it under the tutelage of a professional…and that he’ll share it with the rest of us.


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I too thought he is the best there.

sorry but i didont see it!!!

wow. that was pretty emotive stuff… hope he’ll get an opera gig even if he doesn’t win…

I’ll bet he aint working in carphone warehoues for much longer.

pure talent

Apparently he got offered 3 record contracts after his first appearance. Great to see genuine talent on such shows - normally they only offer freaks to point at, or bubblegum pop singers that can just about hold a tune. Bravo!

I can do that.

Still, good luck to him, he certainly looks like it means a lot to him and if he wants it that much I hope he gets it, he has the potential. Makes a change to have someone with a half decent voice on one of those shows, I must say.

did any one else see the women who thought she was just like madonna??? that was scary stuff!!!