Patch it up!


Looks legit. Do you think that would be an MOT fail?

I think it must have been done by the builders who built our flat. I recognise the polished professionalism.

Reminds me of guy who drilled holes to lighten the frame or make it more aerodynamic or something similar…

I vaguely remember that too.

The legend that is Shervin! :smile:

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+1 Mike Appio
Whats wrong with duct tape?

I’ve seen better than that. Not bike related but there was a show in BBC about a man who cut all of the beams out of his loft to “open up the space.” He realised there was an issue when the neighbours came round to advise the roof was collapsing. I know not everyone is an engineer but how stupid do you have to be not to realise that those beams might be important.

I think weight saving on a bike is a false economy. A trick exhaust system can save you about 5KG. If don’t eat pasta, rice or bread for a month you’ll lose 5kg and it’ll cost you nothing.


Our next door neighbour in Greece came back to his parents 2nd floor flat after being abroad in Germany. He found it had flooded after heavy downpour.

He decided to drill holes in the floor to let the water out…

Cue shouts from 1st floor flat


To be fair, that is probably something Mian would wack together…

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I’m surprised it took this long for me to be mentioned.

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I was trying to reply on that laptop you fixed for me but it kept taking me to pornhub no matter what URL I typed


its a lot easier to throw money at a bike then stick to a diet.

plus, being round is aerodynamic

Anyone know if he’s still alive?

his flikr was active upto 2018


Good sleuthing.