Passport Photo Booths at Tube Stations

Anybody know which tube stations still have passport photo booths? I need some before 7am tomorrow :w00t:

Acton Town I believe

Edgware road had one a few months ago. Kings Cross, Waterloo.

Hammersmith definitely does!

found one in Tescos covent garden :smiley:

Oxford Circus

Tottenham Court Road

lol, triskie!

Whooops, must be a bit of a delay on me posting :stuck_out_tongue:

Most had them removed because of the company running the booths failing to pay TFL any rent.

Hammersmith shopping centre does though.

Happy Snaps do photos.

Mornington Crescent?

Yeah, most stations used to have them but I don’t know if any do now. It’s sorted now anyway, got the pics done in tesco and finalised all my visa stuff at the embassy this morning :cool:

lets see the pic then !!!:smiley:

Pervert :w00t: :wink:

They’re not interesting hun!!