Well, had my test at 8.40 this morning and an fkn delighted to say I passed with 2 minor faults !
(although restricted to 33bhp or 2 years but hey ho)

Did my theory test on Monday, got home and tried to book my practical but the test centre had nothing for 8 weeks ! - apart from one this Friday at 8.40 in the morning. Now no way was I planning to do my practical this soon, but didn’t want to wait 2 months either, so have been reading all the DSA books, practicing in the evening and riding to work and back ‘properly’ (although this takes considerably longer).

Unfortunately have to go to work this afternoon but should have enough time to remove the L plates from my SR125 beforehand.

Please note I might be extremely pissed later on, so please bear that in mind if I’m posting nonsense later !!


Well done…

Sweet as a Nut !!!


Excellent news - congrats

well done.
ride safe, good luck & 2 years will pass you in no time.
happy drinking later on tonight!.

HEY well done mate!!!

well done mate!

Congrat’s, well done

Congratulations, well done. Ride Safe.

Well done mate

It’s a great feeling eh?

Congratulations, awesome feeling I know. Bet you will be grinning all day and consuming a few bevvies.

I passed last year November and it was also restricted access. Thought I would wait out the two years, however not being a particularily patient person I ended up going and doing the test again this week and thankfully passed. Feeling was just as great as the first time round. Now it is time to get the restrictor out…

Well done !

Well done really chuffed for ya mate!

Keep it safe now.

Great news

Nothing like striking while the iron is hot eh?

Well done mate!

Great feeling, able to ride something a bit quicker, and develop your skills further.

Get out there and enjoy!

Well Done You, Give me a shout and i will shout you a restricted celebratory tea at High Beech,

My advice, since i got my 400 i have done over 1000 miles in 8 weeks, and get more confident on it every time i go on it, so get out and ride and if you are free saturday night get your name down for Brighton, and the restricted can ride together.

Many congrats. Enjoy your riding and be safe

Very well done,great feeling eh!!



one week in my self, great feeling init!

i too may see u up high beech