Passed CBT got a vespa LX125

Hello Peeps

Im new to biking passed my cbt and got a vespa LX.

What a would like is some road advice. Im still a bit stiff on the bike and apprehensive on roads.

Has anyone had experience of this and did practicing down quieter roads help this.



Hi and welcome aboard.
I too ride a scooter.


Yes, practice riding slower quieter routes until you get more confident. From experience, 4pm to sunset on Sundays is one of the quietest times on the roads.

Don’t worry about filtering and things yet, once you feel more confident you can do things that require a lot more preparation and anticipation. Right now, just get used to the bike’s handling and build up your skills.

Hi & welcome to LB:)

Welcome to LB

Congrats on passing your CBT

welcome to LB…

Welcome to LB :smiley:


hi welcome any practice will help ride more and go at your own pace take it easy you will get theregood luck go for a ride with others but dont try to keep up with em do what you can do not what they can good luck :wink:

Welcome. Hell yes. Spend time on the quieter roads and soon you’ll relax on the bike. After a time the stiffness will go and it will become second nature. But it does take a little time.

A super vespa surprsed me getting to 50 real quick the other night!

hello, welcome and congrats on passing you CBT.

When i first passed i felt the same way but the joy of riding quickly made me relax.
Try and go for practice as much as you can.start by going to places you know the way well.

Take the bike to the supermarket, to the shops, to the cinema. Try and do this during quieter times - not rush hour.

Good luck!

Welcome aboard - and well done on passing your CBT!

Good advice above. Also, if you’ve got a regular commute planned, try doing a few dry runs at quiet times just so you get to know which lanes to get in and suchlike.

Hello and welcome. Nice choice of Scooter, the vespa’s are lovely things.

As said, just spend some time getting used to the way the scooter handles on the quieter roads, don’t feel forced to do anything you’re not comfortable with. In no time you’ll feel more confident.

I’d highly recommend you have a look at the scooter safe days run by the Police. Well worth it.