Passed Accelerated Access !!!

Being the impatient sod that I am, I was unable to wait until August 2009 for the 33bhp restriction to expire, so bit the bullet and decided to do an accelerated access test.
Was booked for last Tuesday (after Easter Monday) was all prepared for it, then Thursday before Good Friday the DSA phoned my instructor (had 1 days training booked plus use of his bike) to say that there was no examiner available, so it was changed to Thursday, at 12.38.

Thursday came, did a morning’s riding, brushed up on a couple of bad habits I’d picked up from commuting, had a cup of tea and a slash then was ready for the big test. Parked the bike in the car park and the instructor commented on the fact there was no examiner bike parked there… hmmmm something isn’t right here! Got into the waiting room, where a bloke told us that the bike examiner had to go home unexpectedly and therefore there wouldn’t be a test – AAARRGGHHH – I’d booked a day off work for this, and I was all prepared etc. Not happy. Even had an MOT booked for the Bandit that afternoon in the hope that I’d pass !

The DSA phoned my instructor that afternoon and we rescheduled the test for 8.10 Monday morning – harsh, but meant I can just say I had a Dr appointment in the morning and therefore late for work. Got there, did the test, and passed with 3 minors !!

I’m well chuffed, didn’t want to go to work afterwards as I’m well knackered but never mind, I now have a full licence !!! BIIIG smile here today !

Next stage – get the Bandit MOTd – this Saturday I reckon !!

WOOHOO ! :hehe:

Well done :smiley: Good feeling isn’t it.

Welcome to the big boys club mate:D

congrats :smiley:

About bloody time!!

well done mate:D very pleased for ya, the lanes will feel very different next time we are out!!!

you still need that baffle??

3rd time lucky :slight_smile:

Well done mate:)

Now the learning begins in earnest:cool:

Stay safe mate:)

Cheers all - once the Bandit has got the MOT watch out for a GS500 coming up for sale !

well done

I’ll always remember when I first passed - great feeling.

Took me 3 tries to get the car licence but just 1 for the bike!

lol snap, 3 in the car and 1 on the bike for me. you know though they say better drivers pass 3rd time round!

well done mate congratulations.

roll on better weather then the breakfast run will be back to normal;)

Nah its gotta be 1st time round !
1st time in a car 1994
1st time on a 125 bike August 2007
1st time on a ‘big’ bike March 2008 :smiley:

Yeah mate I will have the Bandit out on the lanes !

snap :slight_smile:

i cant wait to get back out on the lanes & accidental off roading:pinch: have you booked up for brands 29th april?


Should we start our own forum?:stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations! Get that bike out there pronto! :slight_smile: