Party Gallery up now!

Enjoy - hope they bring back memories.

If anyone wonders why some are a bit yellow, well the room was yellow so it was unavoidable. Some may be a little less than 100% sharp as it was too dark to focus properly sometimes (all the gear no idea), and finally the images are only (?) 1600 x 1600 because well we don’t need to see ourselves THAT big do we ?

I’m not that accomplished at Photoshop :wink:

Lovely photos Andrew.

That’s his excuses, mine are that I was quite ill and could just about hold a beer and a camera. They should still give a few clues to those who can’t remember the night, or those who didn’t go (shame on you!).

Nice work Andrew!

I pmsl at the one of Mark winning lot 10… I was ready to do him serious injury as he’d already been in a bidding war with Ginger for lot 2… flippin alcohol, root of all his mischievousnesses :wink:

sorry he had to have a bidding war with me but hey its all for a good charity,

Even better for me because I’ve confiscated them both for myself :smiley:

see mark does love you really:w00t:

butying them presents for you

He should do by now, he’s had 25 years to learn :smiley:

haha wicked :smiley:

Cheers Ang :slight_smile: nice to get the thumbs up from another snapper :slight_smile:

Have a great Xmas and why am I thinking there’ll be Nikon stamped presents waiting under the tree ?

LOL I’ve dropped plenty of hints on the lenses I need but I know it’s falling on deaf ears :crying: lol

You have a great one too Andrew :slight_smile: