Parliament Square...

Big holdups in Parliament Square this morning. I know there were some Tamil demos earlier in the week but they seem to be finished. Loads of plod around. Anyone got any ideas why?

i thought it was still that this is why i am avoiding that area ATM.

the cops are quick enough to move other demos on quick enough so why do they let this lot hinder every1 else?

there just p1ssing me off now and loosing any care for their plight!

Demonstrate yes but dont p1ss off the people in the country your demonstrating in!

Strangely enough I always thought it was unlawful to protest within a mile of Parliament while it is in session!!!

BBC radio traffic warnings are saying some lanes are closed in Parliament Sq because of this afternoon’s budget !!!

(Are they expecting it to be so bad that we will all storm Parliament?):slight_smile: