Parking, W1????

Sorry moderators, I realise this is probably the wrong section, but I hoped more people would see it here?

Where do people park their bikes in W1, I know there are several motocycle bays around Hannover Square, but how secure are they for sportsbikes (thefts, scratches etc)???

Is there any parking in the area of the American Embassy going towards Oxford Circus? Any experiences with Park Houses (are there any)???

I know the bays get busy though. Doubtfull parking near the American Embassy - I suspect our American friends have managed to create an exclusion zone around the building - although they wanted a 30 mile radius of the embassy to be accessible to US Embassy staff and citizens only they ended up with restrictions adjacent to the building…

Try this though - 1st couple of post have links…

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Thanks guys, will have a look around there tomorrow. Had an interview, it went either really well or really bad, can never tell, job looks good but no parking ? Can’t do the tube thing every day again.

pm sent

Used to work in Hanover Sq (yes for a property company surprise, surprise). The bays are totally full by 9.00 latest and the tax collectors will ticket anything even hinted at outside the bay. Also the bays are heavily used by cheap scooter riding idiots who have no concept of the value of a bike, I sustained numerous scatches and had my idicators knocked off a couple of times by some twat who rammed his untaxed £500 heap of crap into a space that would not have fitted an anorexic newspaper . Not as bad over near Brook St but the bay behind the Dorchester gets very busy too.