Parking Ticket

Yipeeeeeeeee!!! got a letter in the post yesterday from Westminster council saying that that they have cancelled my parking ticket!!! wooooohhhoooo

Just a lil background info into why i got the ticket in the first place. i had bought a new bike and forgot to change the number plate on my ‘pay by phone’ permit!! left work and found out a warden had stuck a ticket on bike!Thought mite aswell contest it…and lo behold…!!!


Nice one m8! One up for the rebellion! Vive la Motorbikies!! :smiley:

Sounds like a lucky escape, good news

i had a similar thing. A number of months ago, i received a letter in the post from lambeth council saying i had ignored their first warning and now had to pay £120 for a traffic offence - which i couldn’t even remember. With much thought and recollection, i remembered i had been on that particular road, even tho i had been waiting by my bike the whole flippin time! Anyway, i rang up the chuffing council and told them whats what, that i hadn’t received the first fine etc, got told to write them a letter which i did, saying that i would be prepared to pay the original fine, just aint paying 120 nicker! Haven’t heard back from them since! I think they just can’t be asked with the admin etc to be honest! Always worth a pop!