parking ticket from parking at a cycle bay

i know i shouldn’t have been parked there, but i had to pop in to meet a mate at a pub for an emergency shandy. anyway came out and had a ticket elastic banded to my throttle. fair cop i suppose but now i’m wondering if i can beat the rap with the old ‘my tax disc states bicycle on it’ chestnut?

here’s where it was

You’ve already answered your own questiion:


If you do try to get out of it don’t send them this photo or they’ll only ask you why you didn’t park in one of the two empty parking spaces top left of photo :wink:

you didnt break down did you ? and park on the pavement to stop obstructing the road and so you could fix it safely ?

I popped into Infinity (round the corner from the photo) yesterday, but the P&D bay further up from (what I think is) the empty red route bay had a little bit of space in it.

Perhaps the red route bay would have been a better choice, although I’m not sure if you can get away with saying that you’re loading/unloading.

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thanks for that mate. very helpful :Whistling:

yeah well i will do that unless i can get off on a technacality :Whistling:

as has been mentioned it’s a red route bay :Whistling:

like your thinking fella :wink:

yeah exactly. unloading my bladder maybe but don’t think that’s a valid excuse either :smiley:

I have no sympathy for councils and their frigging parking tickets. France Spain etc have the right idea allowing bikes to park on the pavement. They even bend the laws just so they can give more tickets for instance getting a ticket whilst parked on private property (behind the brass tacks and on pavement lights etc) How the hell can a judge decide thats acceptable ???

It’s illegal in France - but mostly tolerated. About once a month in Paris the flics target just one street (never the same one) and book every ‘illegally’ parked bike on the pavement or elsewhere. It’s taken as a given, and <shrug>. Most folk only get one ticket every ten years at a maximum, it’s a good price for otherwise free parking. :wink:

However they have wide pavements…

you mean they excercise discretion…that wouldnt work here

do these ‘attendants’ or should i say ‘soul-less cretins’ get some sort of commission on the tickets they write? that’d explain a lot…

they get incentives for example last year Westminster were offering a car as a prize

and another example of their greed

Nick Lester from London Councils, which represents authorities in the capital, argued that handing the cash back was not necessarily in the public interest. He said: "Where there’s only a technical error, a small issue, where no-one was genuinely misled, the council can take the view, is it really a good use of public money to repay the penalty?

WTF :w00t:

“68% of tickets going to appeal are cancelled”.

It is worth challanging the dodgy tickets that the wardens issue because they are on bonuses. I have had a running battle with NCP parking services working for Kensington and Chelsea.

Out of 5 tickets I have recieved recently 4 have been cancelled. 1 was because the Warden did not read a parking suspension notice properly and the paper work was all wrong. 2 were ghost/phantom tickets (I had to appeal to the Parking and Traffic tribunal Service for one - and won).

The last one was the warden giving me ticket while I was parked on private land outside of the parking regulations zone.

It is all about money. I had a car dumped outside of my house on yellow lines but the warden would not ticket it because “its dumped”. So obviously no one was going to pay!

You can get damages/costs now for wrong tickets issued if you go to the Tribunal. There was a driver in Lambeth (one of the worst boroughs for this) who got sent a fine for not giving way at one of those stupid pinch points. But the photo used for the ticket was cropped and appeared to show a totally different senario to what actually happend. He got £78.