Parking ticket....can I contest this ?

Hello all,

I got a parking ticket yesterday in the back of Moorgate in a bay that was suspended (along with every other bike in the bay). My problem with this is that the suspension notice is about 3 metres up the pole and also there is no lighting and as I arrive and leave in the dark (I love winter) I never saw it and it seems nor did any other bike. I believe to have a notice that high up in black marker is not really fair. In addition there is a break in the yellow line where I was parked. Can I contest this ticket ?

I know the picture isnt clear and will try to get a clearer one at lunch, the yellow notice is always there and they have just written on in black marker the dates which you cant see unless you look up and shine a light on it.

I would contest that. ‘solo practice’.

sorry what do you mean by solo practice ?

Cant do any harm to contest it… If you’ve been caught fair and square you usually know it. If it feels very unfair you might stand a chance.:slight_smile:

I wouldnt normally contest it but judging by the fact that every bike had a ticket I believe that the sign is sited in such a way as to make it very difficult to notice and also impossible to read without a torchlight !

I also thought the single yellow line had to be continous and a break like that meant it couldnt be enforced. Though I am not sure and hope people on this site could assist…£60… thats a lot of money !

The regulations make it quite clear that all signs must be clearly visible, there must be a rerasonable number and they must be at a height that allows the signs to be read by all.

The fact that the sign was quite high and there was no street lighting making it even more difficult for you to be able to see the sign would give you good grounds for an appeal.

thanks for your help I will appeal and let you know the outcome

I contested one i got in a similar circumstance with Hackney and the signs were not cleary visible , the reversed it for me , but not any of the other bikes there as they never contested it !

cant hurt to try !

Contest it!

Sign isn’t up to the job never mind the streetlighting (which the council need to upkeep too ;)…)

as someone who regualry puts these signs out i will say in defence that they are placed out with marker pen as they are re uasable and generally an excuse of oh i didnt see it in the dark does not work


seeing that it is placed at such a height ( even though truly regardless of how often you use that space in the eyes of enforcement you should check the information sign for the details each time )

They should have placed yellow no parking cones out as well to give a ground level visual aspect

and i always place them at least a metre and a half off the floor so easy to see but some councils do not allow them at this height in fear of a pedestrian physically walkign into the sign and claiming hence why they are placed up at that height

as for the space parked in their should be a description of the area enforced on the board giving the area required

( ps be thankful it was not a suspension requested by me as it would result in a nice wander around looking for your vehicle after its been relocated :stuck_out_tongue: )

try and see what happens its worth a go

£60… might as well try to contest it!

Signs are important and there to be read.

I ignored this sign once, which said ‘Do not stroke the beaver’

Been paying for that one ever since!

I’d contest it as you have nothing to loose.

Absolutely contest this. Then when they reject the application to contest, apply for it to go to the adjudicator and say you want to turn up at the hearing, not get a ruling by post (you’ll get all the blurb in the post along with the rejection letter!)

Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Write a very nice, wordy letty explaining the situation and how you appreciate the parking provided and always pay and never ever would you avoid paying on purpose and how every other bike received a ticket and how surely not everyone would be dishonest, so therefore the sign MUST have been in the wrong, not every honest bike rider in the bay.

By the way, the rejection letter is an automatic response letter, so don’t think they know something you don’t!

Include good photos of the bay and sign, even if taken today.

And good luck!

just to let you know the ticket was cancelled.

reason given: Technical problems ???

Well done, good result

well done!

well done, worth contesting…

You should get on their back and send another email - asking them to detail the ‘technical problem’ which lead to your harassment, and worry.

Then the fuggers will have to reply.

Sometimes it’s nice to get those bar-stewards to admit to their faults. THEN POST IT UP!

There you go, if you dont try, you dont get a result! Well done. :slight_smile: