Parking ticket.........again!!

Well, it’s happened again…paid by phone to park and then go out for lunch and see a ticket on the bike.

It looks as though what is happening is that if you have a 0 (zero) in your registration and it is either recorded online or typed in by the enforcement officer as the letter ‘O’ (or vise versa) then you will receive a ticket.

The poor girl I spoke to on the phone was being driven mad by loads of people ringing in complaining that they have been wrongly ticketed.

Crazy crazy crazy.

Seems like Westminster need to give their traffic wardens a bit of training on the difference between the number 0 & the letter O!!!

Yeah, in the letter I have had to send to challenge the ticket (they can’t just cancel it straightaway) I’ve suggested that.

That’s crazy.

If someone genuinely doesn’t know the difference between a letter and a number, perhaps they aren’t ready to start full-time employment. Or leave school.


This right? Traffic wardens not knowing the difference between a nought and the letter O are causing this? If so it’s insane and some people are so pig sht thick… i’ll stop i’m getting angry just thinking about it and i’m not even affected by it.

It can be an error at the central point if your reg is in their system wrong but if the traffic enforcement officer just trys inputting either on their little box it would save all this hassle.

Such an easy concept.

Hang on, there are no letter o’s on number plates are there? Unless its an import or something, o is not used any circular didgit is always 0. I think. Stoopid system does not work and as usual the motorist has to pay…

Write to your MP asking why the general public has to carry the burden of local government incompetence. If you are not satisfied that the council is doing what it should to recitfy matters then go to the Local Government Ombudsman.

its your fault for having a 0 in your number plate

O bugger or is it 0 bugger?

The letter O is used in registration plates, obviously in newer plates the LG08 (example) is the digit and LG08 KZO the latter being the letter rather than the number. All traffic staff should be aware of this.

Very annoying I agree.

Half the vehicles registered since 2001 have zero in the number!

Put false plates on it without the o.:smiley:

what a palaver! that’s abs0lutely nuts


sounds like easy tickets for the wardens, wot i mean is they have targets etc so they ticket you anyway and when your ticket is quashed/overturned i believe it does not come of their quota.

I’ve always thought that may be the case, it damned well should come off their quota.