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Hello - I have a small problem with RingGo. I parked my bike in a parking bay on Great Queen Street and put 6789 into the RingGo app as normal - but it charged me for two hours for parking a car in a car bay - £11.60. There was no way to cancel this, so I tried again, with the same details, and hey presto I paid £1 to park my bike as per normal.
I called RingGo - nothing they could do, and told me to contact Camden Council Parking Services, which I have done. I also emailed RingGo who have just replied saying I was charged correctly as my registration was logged as a car. This is nonsense as I’ve parked in bike bays many times before with the same bike/reg.
Has anyone had a similar experience? If so any tips on how to deal with these numpties? Thank you

There must be a complaints procedure include a copy of your V5 showing the reg and the class (bicycle)

Do you have any cars saved on your account?
If not, screenshot the relevant settings screen in the app, which will show it saved as a motorbike.

Thanks both. When I visit the RingGo thing online my reg shows up as a Motorbike, and as I said - I have used the app many times before with no problem. For some odd reason the bike bay code 6789 but came out as 13274 which is the car bay on the same street. RingGo are not being helpful - they say they can’t make refunds as they simply collect and pass the money on to the councils. They couldn’t/wouldn’t give me a number for Camden Parking - told me to google it. Annoyingly irritating…

I thought Great Queen Street is Camden, whereas 6789 is the Westminster code for paid motorcycle parking. Isn’t Camden solo cycle parking still free?

Quick look at ringGo T&C’s shows this.

Refunds. We are under no obligation to provide a refund or cancel parking actions submitted to our parking systems, unless there is a system error on our part. To submit a refund request please go to

So assuming you have entered the correct reg & parking code (6789) it is pretty clear here the fault is with RingGo and therefore they should be the one refunding you.

In all honesty they are going to make you work for it in the hope you will just write it off.

Thanks The Sleeper - went through the refund request, and they came back saying no refund is due as the vehicle reg was a car (even though it’s always been a motorbike before and after). RingGo are indeed making me work - I’m hoping that Camden will see some common sense. Fingers crossed and thank you everyone

If you manage to get to a person and make them work they may eventually refund you. That happened to me on ebay. I wouldn’t let it go and their process meant all issues had to be responded to. So I kept pushing till they refunded me. I had the time and the energy though.

If it was debited to a credit card have the credit card company dispute it.

You’re right, Camden is free for motorcycles.

@Qwokkadot you’re using the wrong app if you’re parking in Westminster, you need to use ParkRight

No, RingGo works in Westminster; I’ve often used it.

The mistake he seems to have made is trying to buy motorcycle parking in Camden when it is free. If he punched in the code for a Camden car bay, that is what they will have sold him. I don’t see how a refund is possible unless he speaks to a very understanding operator.


This yet another example of why I think parking rules should be homogeneous across the city.

Sitting at a desktop computer I struggled to find information on the borough boundary at Great Queen Street and Drury Lane. How someone standing in the street, trying to keep abreast of the differing motorcycle parking rules, is supposed to know that surely falls foul of some trading standards or duty to explain terms fairly the customer legislation.

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The parking bay is in front of the Prince Of Wales Pub - and there is a sign saying ‘park quoting location 6789’. There is also a street sign ‘Great Queen Street City of Westminster’. May be one of those streets on the boundary.
RingGo are saying I used the code 13274 and parked for two hours in a car bay. But I didn’t - I used the code 6789 - just like I always do. They also said my reg was a car reg - but on my RingGo account it’s definitely a m/bike.
I think it’s one of those ‘system’ things, no one really understands/cares. You would have thought my parking history would easily flag up that this mistake is not mine. Still holing out for Camden to see common sense.
Nivag - thanks for the ParkRight info - didn’t know about that one.
Thanks all. Jane

I agree, it’s painful trying to work out which app to use depending where you are. Didn’t realise the Ringo one still worked. I don’t often park in Westminster these days and doubled checked the other week and saw they only link to the ParkRight app on their website.

Then it was definitely Westminster - the boundary is somewhere on Great Queen Street.

Yeah it sounds like a computer screw up. Trying to sort it out between Camden, Westminster and RingGo is just not worth the effort.

I’ve just checked my ringgo app shows my history and payments.

I’d screen shot the screen with your reg on the erroneous one, and the one before and after which shows same reg and bike. Also screen shot the my vehicles which will show the reg and that it is a bike.

I genuinely fail to see how this can be anyone other than ringgo, it would be their systems checking the reg plate and status not the council.

I’d start threating them with the ombudsman etc.

As someone said above trying to fight 2 councils and the ringgo app will cost you more on time and hair loss than the parking…

Well I’ve parked in Westminster a few times recently and, I’ve just checked, it’s still via Ringo on my phone - which comes back on the text confirmation.

The parking situation for bikes in London is a complete shambles though. And now we’ve the ULEZ to contend with… Grrr…

I cant get my head around Ringo, it doesnt seem as user friendly as parkright. But yes, the parking for motorcycles in London borders on comical. Im in court with Camden council as we speak for a bike parking infrinegment…

Good luck with that

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Thanks… I may well need it… lol…