Parking near Liverpool Street station

As some of you remember from my recent post, I found myself a new job. However, it’s not the one you think it is! I got a call on Friday and a subsequent offer later that day for a better paid and more interesting job in Heron Tower :smiley:

That creates an obvious problem for me now - parking. Where the hell do you park in that area? I tried searching on the forum but can’t find any definitive answers. There’s a thread from a few years back suggesting to use the multi-story car park on White’s Row near Spitalfields Market but after a quick research it looks like it’s been closed :angry:.

My work starts at 9:30 decreasing my odds at finding a parking space so I was hoping you could suggest something. I don’t mind paying for it to be honest if it’s a good secure location (circa £100 per month would be ok). From my times on Cornhill I remember that all public parking spaces were pretty much full by 8:30am.

Any car parks/Q-Parks/NPC’s/company garages or motorcycle bays that you know of?

Hi mate,

As I said in the other thread I have a parking space in Aldgate that I will not need from June onwards.
If you like I can speak with my friend who owns the space and see if he would be happy to let it to you.
It is on Coke St, E1- not super close to Liverpool St station- about 12 mins walk, depending on what side you need to be on.
PM me if this is of any use to you.

Thanks, mate! I remember you mentioning it. It’s a bit far for my liking, Google says 20 minutes walk to Heron Tower. It takes me 25 minutes door to door! I know it sounds good but I just don’t like trains and people on them.

No worries.

Well done on the new job :smiley:

Have you checked if the Heron has an underground car park? Most of those new towers have a small bike parking area to promote the governments ride to work scheme, I’m sure you can get a motorbike in a push bike area if there is access.

theres loads of parking down by the gerkin I used to park there

& you have Moorgate underground parking which isn’t to far form the tower

Personally I park in one of two places. I work on Gracechurch Street, it is a leeeetle bit of a walk, but its worth it for secure free parking, no one bashing my wing mirrors or trying to man handle a ZZR 1400 so they can squeeze a moped in.

You could take an almost direct walking line to work.

The nearer one is Minores car park

The other one (which in my Opinion is the Ritz of bike parking) is on Lower Thames Street but I cannot find the name.



Here, sorted

A while since I worked near there, then I used Finsbury Circus.
There used to be 100s of free bike spaces there but they filled up by about 8:30.
And last time I was there the Cross Rail works had reduced the number of spaces.

Then I used the parking under London Wall, 5 mins walk away.

^^ London wall car park.

Loads of room, relatively secure, free and 10min walk to Heron Tower.

Hi All, apologies for dragging up an old thread but before I asked a question I was searching for the answer. I am starting a new job on Gracechurch street in the new year and was wondering what suggestions everyone has for bike parking. Is Minories car park still a good shout?

Cheers for any help


Anyone :frowning:

are you looking for secure bike parking, or just somewhere to park?

I know a couple of spots which are only 2 minutes away, but they are street and pre-pandemic were pretty busy

Ideally something secure

You may have thought of this but check with the company you are moving to. They often have underground parking (our office did) but not obvious from street view.

Like sleeper I remember plenty of bays around there but they always looked busy.

theres are quite a few parking places, usaly gone by 8am
NCP London Finsbury Square used to be good but i havent used it in a while
Minories Car Park is another good one but i did hear the scrotes have worked out its good for bikes as well

Thanks Both. Might have to do a ride into town and just suss out all the various options. Problem is I wont start work until 09:30am so looks like most of the bays will be full by then

They almost certainly will be. I usually use the ones around minster court when going to meetings there and last couple of times I’ve had to breathe in to get in.