Parking in the evening at the Barbican - any recommendations?


Can anyone please recommend decent bike parking for an evening show at the Barbican?


The car park under London Wall is pretty good. It is free for bikes and has a number of bike bays with metal bars you can lock your bike to.

Thanks. I was rather hoping to have a shorter walk :wink:

what ever you choose take a big chain

Make sure you keep it locked up to a secure object. Alot of thefts happen around here.

There is solo parking on Bastwick Street with the rails to lock it onto.

As already said it is a terrible area for bike thefts. Lock it to something very solid. Londonwall is your best bet and it’s a 5 minute walk to the Barbican from there.

Thanks all. Taking my chain and probably going for London Wall.

take an Ebola riddled pitball as backup

You can always park in Wood Street outside the City of London police station.

It would be wrong to give the coppers the chance to steal my bike first.

Probably a bit too late but there’s an underground car park near the Spitalfields market. Bikes can park for free and there are railings you can chain them to. I parked there for a year, nothing short of a perfect place.

Entrance here:,+London+Central+Markets,+London+EC1A+9PS/@51.519539,-0.101515,22z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x48761b52489fe73f:0x44e703649203ad1d

Why did you not park at the Barbican?

Thanks for all of the advice.

In the end I missed the London Wall car park sign and ended up parking in the Barbican car park. Actually perfect. Free and the entrance is right next to the concert hall entrance and the cloakroom. There is a big pipe running about 5 foot high that my chain just managed to reach. Saw another biker leaving the venue but was too quick off the mark for a chat.