parking city airport

hi all, do any of you know if there is a parking for bikes reasonably safe at city airport? it would be overnight.

many thanks!!

There are a number of bike bays, but I’ve not seen anything to chain to.

Alternatively, I live about a 5 minute cab ride / 5 minute car drive away from City, so if you wanted to bring your bike here, I can Almax it to a Y-Anchor for an overnight for you, and give you a lift to the airport if the timings are suitable ?

London City Airport - A free motorcycle parking area is located underneath the DLR viaduct opposite the turning to the front of the terminal building.(Updated 28 Jun 08)

(from but no idea how safe it is…

Thank you very much Anonymouslemming for your offer, it is always striking to see this willingness to help among forum members… it does not happen in many other situations in our current world!!

Anyway I may have found a lift with a friend in a tin cage so i think problem solved.