Parking at Wembley Arena

Anyone know if there’s a bike-parking bay at Wembley Arena?

Yes - not official bays as such… but on the corner of engineers way where it meets empire way, there is a bit which is bollarded off which is ok to park in - there are usually other bikes there, so is pretty obvious. Otherwise, just pull into the conference centre & swerve round the barriers & park in the car park.

Depends if there is an event on, when I went to see Crusty Demons, they charged a fiver (!) to park my bike near the venue, should have used the street parking close by really…

You can park a bike legally in residents bays all around Wembley, even when there is an event on. I usually park in Chatsworth, Waverley or Rosemead Avenues when I go to football at Wembley Stadium. Well lit streets and I have never had any problems. They are only a very short walk but far enough away to allow you to get clear when the roads are closed for pedestrians. Never been to Wembley Arena so I have no idea of they close roads off.

Watch out though for the bike bay in London Road, near Wembley Central Stn. It looks great but they close that road for pedestrians and you can only push you bike out. It is a struggle up hill to get back to the Harrow Road.