parking at the o2 arana

Hey all,

me & the missus are off to see prince tonight at the 02 & i was thinking about how to get their. it has free parking for bikes but i is is safe to leave the bike. have any of you been or left the bike their before. also it could be a hassle to lug our gear around. otherwise its a cab to waterloo then a boat.

I work at the 02, but have a night off tonight! - have been doing the close protection for Prince at his aftershow (Indig02) - i am lucky enough to be able to park the bike round the back in the staff area, but you should be able to park by West Grenwich Car Park - There is motorbike parking by the burger van (really close to the 02 and the station)

I think there is cloackroom/storage facilities there.


Recently been to see the Stones and Prince, I have parked the bike on the pavement to the left of the station where the taxi rank is and it has been safe both times, several other bikes were parked there. I have also noticed that there are a lot of bikes parked next to the bus rank area, again on the pavement, but have not quite worked out where they went in.

Enjoy, it was a great show.

are you working there tomorrow, im doing security there for a premier?

Not tonight mate - was working in Birminghame last night with a band called Hard-FI - today is for sleep!I might pop up later if i am bored though!