Parking at charing cross hospital

Anybdoy know if they have motorcycle bays, googled it and can’t find a sausage.
Appreciate the help thank you

I remember visiting a friend there years ago (climbing wall fall, broken ankle).

If I remember correctly I just parked on the street. At the time PTWs were allowed to park in Residents’ Bays - might be worth checking.

looks like it still is, i was just hoping to park inside the hospital (i know i know long shot)
many thanks

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Check to see if they have number plate reading cameras the Enfield one does but its forward facing. Hence i never had to buy a ticket. Never got a parking fine either. Done this several times

There’s a big motorcycle bay in the multi-storey, can’t remember what floor but it gets busy.

Actually forget that I’m getting confused with Chelsea & Westminster :man_facepalming:…I think

Are we talking about Charing Cross hospital near Hammersmith? When Mary was working there last year she used to go in at this entrance:

and just parked just underneath there next to other bikes. Never had any issues.

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thats the one, thank you Arfa, i’ll check that out