Parking at Borough Market Tomorrow

For tomorrow’s meet onwards, can we kindly ask people to park nose to the kerb (forwards), so that bikes left idling don’t fill the shops with fumes. We’re working hard to make new friends with our neighbours at the Market and little things like this will really help us. See you there tomorrow!

Nose to the kerb also means it’s easier to park as there’s no turning around and other messing around getting into a space.

I think it’ll be busy tomorrow with this weather! We’ll all be there, will you?

Of course!

I’ll probably be there minus bike though… but we’ll see.

I’ll be there…which bike tho?..hmmmm

Very likely to be there again…
Looking forward to meet some of you again
… and of course meet some new people as well.

I’ll be there this week.

So what were YOU doing in Henley then Sherri?

Not this week, my dad’s in hospital after a heart operation this morning - he seems to be OK but I’ll be doing the hospital-visiting stuff instead of the sausage-stuffing stuff this week. Enjoy!

just making the most of being unemployed, lol. What were YOU doing??

Lunchtime run…Bracknell to Henly and back.

Did it again today…only a little more sedately!

i shall be there!!! with bike in toe!

Yes, for a short time Q

yes I’ll be there for a couple of hours. Might need some help moving the bike though as I’m useless at parking!

We’ll sort you out babes!

I should be there either

I should be there if work goes well tomorrow.

can’t wait

Good roads those … I used to live at Medmenham (near Marlow) … went for a ride over there Sunday morning … wicked!

See y’all in a coupla hours!


Mines an Adnams Broadside!