Parked Car opens door on me

Hello, first time rider and post here. I was slowly riding into a car park (just off centre left in the lane) and a driver opens their door on me clipping the handle bar. This in turn made me steer left and my knee took a fair hit into their door edge. Lost my balance and dropped the bike. I was going slow so it literally just hit the deck with no damage except a slight scratch on the front brake lever.

I literally just got insured on the 125 a couple of hours prior to the incident. Unfortunately there were no witnesses but there is numerous cctv in the car park.

She admitted she didn’t see me. what do I do in this scenario? I can still walk but i can start to feel the pain in my left knee.

Appreciate your help on this one

Get checked out by a doctor if you’re feeling pain, as you could have done something. If there’s CCTV, then that​ hopefully will be of use.

Hopefully you got her details as well

Like Sn1ke said.
Hope youre OK in the morning. Check the bike, take it from there. I think car parks can be grey areas in terms of insurance, Im sure there are internet sites to check this.
Should it seem yer insurance does not cover you on “Private ground” dont report it. (unless you want to lose yer no claims bonus)
I could be wrong and no doubt LB`s Parainsurancexperts will be along in due course.
Did you get her details?
Who owns the car park?

Glad to hear your walking and talking. Seek medical help Hospital A&E or your GP then speak with a Lawyer you’ll need compensation for damage to bike, personal injury and any other losses such as damaged clothing loss of earnings etc specialise in motorcycle accident claims and have a good reputation

Or… Chalk it up to riding a bit to close to cars in a car park, often unavoidable but a lesson all the same and crack on with life. Lawers? For a car park tumble? Are you mental? Or a secret American?

Thanks for the responses. I did take a photo of her car reg and swapped name and contact number. Didn’t see her ID as she said she didn’t have it on her.

As I was still on the floor she kept mentioning she didn’t see me. Picked the bike up and everything seemed fine. Gave it a once over a there’s only a scratch on the right brake lever. She kept mentioning is there any damage to the bike, but this was the least of my worries. I mentioned to her that my knee took most of the impact to her door frame.

I’ve put some ice on my knee but definitely feels it will be a killer in the morning. I’ll check it out in h AE tomorrow.

I did my CBT back in June. Bought the bike last week and literally insured it a couple of hours prior the incident. Haven’t had any previous bike or car insurances but rent cars a lot.

I’ve been cycling London for many years so aware of positioning in lanes etc. She was parking pretty much right on the edge of the parking bay lines and opening her door just clipped the edge of my handles.

I believe the car park is privately owned but I’ve requested CCTV footage from ParkingEye CCTV operatirs to see if anything was caught on camera.

KTM absolutely it was a lesson learned. I’m not bothered about the bike, it’s more about if I’ve messed my knee up.

You’re not an expert. Contact White Dalton who are and get seen by a medical professional.

So, car parks.
Are we insured or not?
KTM D the poor lad will not know till morning the extent of his injuries.
White Dalton did me proud when an eastern European drug dealer ran my foot over in a Range Rover and knocked me off a courtesy bike and gave false details. His Barnet based floozie called Samantha B (an actress by all accounts) who lived in a very desirable 3m+ house somewhere we know the whereabouts of was taken to court and refused to dob him in. 6 points and a £500 was all she got.
White Dalton got me enough in medical expenses to pay for the excess on the old Sprint North City Triumph had lent me for the day. It lost a chrome insert and a brake pedal, well do it at cost price said Peter the owner and proceeded to charge me just short of £1000, thanks for that North City maybe its good you got bought out by Jack Lilley, the same Jack Lilley that failed on over three occasions to source a length of rubber pipe to link the back of my engine to my air box.
Rant over.
Billy Ray we know yer registration number and address and have contacts at GCHQ


Is that the sound of a drone Billy?

“Hellfire” it sounds like one to me.

Richie, didn’t meant to sound callous, and am genuinely sympathetic about your injuries and if they are serious you should seek compensation, my reaction was to NT’s assumption that the lawyers were the first port of call. Seems such a shame that as a society we have succumbed to the litigious ways of the US. Good luck with the knee, hope its just some painful bruising and you make a full recovery quickly.

Grrrrrrr … hows that? In fact the first port of call advised was for medical attention, then to seek a Lawyer and why not?.

We have no clue here to the extent of R’s injuries or damages. He’s been involved in a collision that appears to clearly not be his fault and he’s come on here for advice and the best advice should be given. That is to seek medical attention for his injuries and then legal help with his claim. The reason he needs help with his claim is because he will be dealing with professional legal representatives of the third party’s insurers and therefore should engage professional legal representation for himself, there should be no shame attached to that.

Why should he not have his property restored to an a pre-collision condition?
Why should he not be reimbursed for any loss?

thanks for your input everyone. the bike isn’t damaged but will checkout my knee at the non emergency unit tomorrow just in case. I’ll speak with white dalton should I need any assistance with my injury.

Grrrrrr, good point well made NT.
Check yer steerings straight mate. Dont forget to check yer bollocks.
Run em past the nearest woman to be on the safe side.


I know where you’re coming from and agree of sorts however l am swayed by what our insurance industry has become, policies that protect them not you, they attempt to pay out the least possible and have a network of partners who are commissioned but pretend to look after your interest but really filter more income to the insurance company. Many people think they need to approach their insurance first or are frightened due to past or reported bad experiences.

White Dalton and others like them are there to advise on your options before you go down a path that favours shareholders not the customer who paid for the services.

Car parks that belong to the likes Morrisons, Sainsbury etc, are, I believe, classed as public highway, and every vehicle in there must have insurance. I don’t know about private car parks, such as NCP.

Physical injuries may not be fully apparent for a few days after an incident. a scratch on your lever is all that you have noticed, but a trained eye will also spot the other things, like damage to fairing panels, indicators, foot rests, exhausts and brake pedals. Glad to hear that you took photos. I’d had it over to Rider Support Services on 020 8246 4900 who I’ve used several times. Micheal Wheatley or Steve Douglas have both helped me in the past, and I’d highly recommend that company. Mention my name and I might get a free coffee. You could also use White Dalton, another very popular motorcycle specialist solicitor, who is also dealing with a case for me at present. Ask for Gaving there, and I might get another free bandana.

The car driver has committed a specific offence of negligently opening a car door which will help determine liability.

If you decide to claim for injuries, bear in mind that it needs to be something more than just bruising in order to get legal representation for compensation. Bruising is usually valued at under £1,000 and cases under £1,000 cannot claim back legal costs, which in any case in matters such as this would be subject to fixed costs.

If after 3 or 4 days you are still suffering pain or limitations in what you can do, then the value of your claim will be now probably be over the £1,000 mark, but also bear in mind because your case is what is called Fast Track, the firm you mention will use a paralegal or legal exec, and the other is not a law firm but a claims management company.

There is a London based law firm who have specialists in motorcycle crashes, and has their own in house motorcycle expert, and who only have solicitors dealing with bike crashes including the low value cases.

Richie, your possible slight injury aside, I think that you should be able to request the footage of yourself in the car-park from Parking Eye using the Data Protection Act?  They can make a charge for providing this but it’s capped and isn’t a lot.  Assuming you can get this (instead of a load of bull from the parking company about broken CCTV, lack of coverage etc), then you’ll know whether you have any evidence to even proceed with a claim (bearing in mind that they are only obliged to show YOU in the footage and not the faces/details etc of anyone else).  Without such proof, it’s merely your word against the driver’s and it might be wiser to put it down to a bad day and forget about it.  

They don’t keep cctv for a year

WEIRD!?!?!?  When I posted my reply, it looked like TC’s reply before me was only 5-days old!  Apologies.  Richielee is probably riding a 'blade now, and has 54 track-days and a round-the-world tour under his belt   :wink: