Is that site for real? does any1 see the implications of this?

Dont get me wrong seems a good idea if done maybe via a site like this, i.e. a lonbikers memeber looking to park somewhere cos of an appointment then another member recognises said person and says yes park at my gaf.

But on a site what if some1 parks somewhere and bike gets nicked, who’s responsability is it? also wot if some dodgy individuals are registered for the reason people are gonna put there bike some where it can easily be got at.

Wot comeback have you got from said site? also if you rent out space have you got to get some kind of insurance?

I’d be very wary of either parking up in a strangers gaff or divulging the contents of my garage and security to a complete stranger

As you say, if it’s doing a regular LBer a favour then maybe a different matter.

It has Danger written all over it IMO

Some really good points raised there, after writing the article which I presume you have read I have got to know the CEO very well.

If you guys can make a list of questions I will be more than happy to put them to him, and maybe we could do a follow up article!