ParaOlympic footie

Uodated the blog after watching some ParaOlympic footie…lads of skateboards playing footie. Worth a read if you get 2 mins.

The bike hunt stalled today, saw about 50 bikes in what would be a scrapyard at home :crazy:

Why don’t you just ship a bike over from here in a container? You were saying they are expensive out there. Might just be more viable in the long run as well.

Presumably they were once at home before being written off!

I remember trying to sell a scrap Nissan to a dealer 20 years ago who told me about how he did good business selling MOT failures to West Africa.

One of them had clearly been in a crash and the fairing had half been touched up - but no respray had been done. When I pointed this out, the salesman said it was done on purpose, so the buyer knew it had been in a crash…“as anything else would be dishonest”

Made me laugh as everyone of his bikes had been clocked - I had no idea how easy it was - but it must be very easy…literally every bike looked like it had been ridden into the ground, yet everyone had a mileage of less than 5k miles!