Palsterer / Painter / Decorator / Handyman needed.... NW7

Hey all,

We are looking to redo the bedroom and basically need someone to do the following:

-Plaster round side of fireplace and some walls (removed some inbuilt cupboards)

-Remove inbuilt shelves (may need to be plastered afterwards)

-Remove 2 light fittings from wall

-Paint and decorate room

Really want a good quality job…

No one?!


Have you tried a painters / decorators forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! Would like to go with recommendations tbh


A little far for me unfortunately :crying:

I’d be traveling 4 hours a day for that :w00t:

4 hours a day?!

Where do you live?..

Any chance of factoring in a price with hotel?

Se9. Takes me an hour just to get through the blackwall tunnel which is only 8 miles away :crying:

Suppose I could drive the first day then bike the rest of it :slight_smile:
Send me a few pics of what needs to be done and I’ll give you an estimate. Are the walls plasterboard, brick or lath and plaster?

Ok will send a few pics over!

I will take them when I get in tonight…

I havent got a clue about the walls lol.