Paivi is great !!!!!!!!

just saying thanks to Paivi.

she has taken me on the back of her Vespa tonight from chiswick to the ACE

from the Ace to 5th Street

from 5th Street back to chiswick

now that is GREAT STUFF !!!



She’s also bloody sexy! And intelligent, witty and charming. Wonderful company, too. Can’t understand why she’s still single, must be too picky, men just don’t

come up to her high standards…

PS - You’re welcome Tom, you were by far the coolest of the gang, with your visorless helmet, BikeSafe vest and a pale pink sling! (Notice how I managed not to mention the pale pink slingbacks!)

Hehehe, nice one Paivi, good of you to help a fellow LB’er out when times are hard. I’m glad I made it out tonight, it was good to see familiar faces, and I’m glad I managed to entertain a few of you with my fall-back bike option of the classic 100cc two-stroke pop-pop. The DRZ will return soon…

yes, i agree V2(nice to meet you too). a lovely woman for sure. thank you paivi for being wonderful, very interesting company in this short space of time we’ve met. good to have you on board here at LB

catch up again soon(hey, wonder where project 9928 really went to after frith;remember?!)

I missed it! Got home it was 11pm and had things to do… But thanks Paivi anyway

Hey Paivi, just seen in your interests ref to Amalfi coast…had our honeymoon there and agree totally. It would be a fantastic place to ride, to relax, eat,drink and enjoy

I was chatting to you before you left. It’s great to have reliable staff innit???

yes it is

just a shame there are not a lot more people like Paivi (TALK is che… )

we wanna see some Aktion !!!

sorry had to go !!! see you again

LOVE your new Duke fantastic bike !!!

hi paivi. nice to put a face to the name…hi tom…nice chatting last night…hope the shoulder gets better soon…remember no giggling…

no ggggggiiiiiigggggggglliiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg

I liked the way she put that working class person firmly in his place before riding off into the night!

Eh? I’m working class myself! Don’t you go elevating me into the poshness just because I live in Chelsea! I’m there to balance out all the posh laydeez!

way to go paivi! nice to meet you and the others last night

So did I…

Come on guys, keep the compliments coming…

Hi Paivi,

still No 1 in the General Chatter Categorie

keep the Ball rolllllling !!!