P!ssed Off!

Sorry to hear this RC.

Hope you manage to get your Bandit sorted soon.:angry:

Find out where he lives and get a catapult and a bucket of golf balls;):smiley:

Sorry to here this RC, so crap. had someone either push my bike over and/or hit it the other day…so annoying!!! cost me over £100 to repair it…

I agree with the poster who talks about the management, where are they in all of this?? they HAVE to step in, you are an employee and if they sit around and do nothing then they are very much to blame.

That’s awful hun. That kind of behaviour is unacceptable. I can’t see how it could hurt for ther local police to have a word about the threatening behaviour at least!

The pub management certainly need to step up to their responsibilities towards you as their employee.

I fell so sorry for you Michelle and for your bike…

I wouldn’t just leave it like that. If police can’t do anything I would sort it out on my own. If kicking his ass is not an option I would track him up to his home and pay back doing something to his car.

Hope you get all this fixed soon. Good luck sorting it;)

lol if all u guys visit , michelles ultra posh pub will never be the same again :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, lmao, :hehe: nice touch. Feelings go out to you for your smashed up bike, dont let the BSrd get away with it. I’d be willing to sit outside the pub, let you point him out to me. Then follow him home, OP his movements and cause him unwanted grief by bricking ALL his windows with that catapult and them golf balls, :wink: Awesome. As for him grabbing you…laxative…pint…get the picture :wink:

typical of an ‘ultra posh pub’ to allow the staff to get a mouthful and worse.

The call for an impromtu LB’s meet sounds very appealing…

“laxative in pint”
lmao that would not be nice to see

Whereabouts is said pub?

I must stop reading stuff like this - my blood pressure goes through the roof with rage and I dont even know him!

All I want to do right now is get myself down there and kick the living S**TE out of him…but then again my back would probably give out and then I’d be a sitting duck!!:smiley:

QUACK QUACK!!!:smiley:

haha yeah for sure.

i saw a film once where they put mercury from an old style thermometer in a drink…

that gave an instant reaction


Like all before me Rockerchic So So sorry to hear all this. But like all bandits I’m sure under the skin she’s bomb prooof! they can be fixed up as many times as you need to :wink: Its what there built for :smiley:

Would be up for a LB meet at said posh pub also :smiley:

Good luck with the repair zeph :stuck_out_tongue:


mount up arnie, we are going hunting!!!

I live near there…I’ll defo be making this meet.

sorry to hear about this :angry:
its horrible, cant stand people behaving like that

were there other people in the pub at the time he started to grab you and behave like a muppet? cause then i would have thought the police would have to act?

the best witness is someone who isnt a regular that way it cant be argued that they are siding with you due to friendship etc…

Come on… Come on! Do it! Do it! Come on. Come on!

here, is it that pub down by the river in richmond, on the corner?

lets set Arnie to terminate mode and unleash the fury ;):smiley: